Next workshop begins Dec 13th at Studio 4566!

Terry “Faithone” Du, from Moncton will run a Breaking Workshop (commonly known as “breakdance”) on Dec 13th, 2019 @ Studio 45 66.

FaithOne has travelled across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Calgary competing in crew battles, solo battles, and searching for workshops from some of the most respected names in the hip hop scene. Some of his teachers and influences who’ve passed their foundation on to him are Lenny Len, Puzzles, Crazy Legs, Y-Not, Poe One, Mr. Wiggles, Frost, Profo Won, Lynx, Crazy Smooth, and Kid Glyde just to name a few. FaithOne continues his thirst for knowledge through documentaries, books, and workshops. While he’s perfecting his craft he also invests his time into the community by volunteering with youth programs around Moncton and organizing sessions

Location: Studio 45 66

Dance on!

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Guest Performers
Next workshop begins Dec 13th at Studio 4566!