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Terry “Faithone” Du, from Moncton ran a Breaking Workshop (commonly known as “breakdance”) on Oct 18th & 19th, 2019 @ Studio 45 66.

Terry FaithOne Du

During his travels in 2008 he was introduced to Karine Duguay owner of Karma Dance School, and became a member of the faculty. Working with Karma Dance gave him the opportunity to further his passion for dance; also opening up opportunities to perform and take varies workshops in Florida and New York. After all the hard work FaithOne wins his 1st competition “Toast And Jam 4” 2012. 

FaithOne has travelled across Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and Calgary competing in crew battles, solo battles, and searching for workshops from some of the most respected names in the hip hop scene. Some of his teachers and influences who’ve passed their foundation on to him are Lenny Len, Puzzles, Crazy Legs, Y-Not, Poe One, Mr. Wiggles, Frost, Profo Won, Lynx, Crazy Smooth, and Kid Glyde just to name a few. FaithOne continues his thirst for knowledge through documentaries, books, and workshops. While he’s perfecting his craft he also invests his time into the community by volunteering with youth programs around Moncton and organizing sessions. In 2014 FaithOne partnered up with The Atlantic Dance Festival working on introducing the urban dance community and strengthening the Moncton and Atlantic breaking scene.

Currently FaithOne can be found volunteering with youth programs and teaching fundamental breaking classes at varies dance school all over Moncton.  Also with the strength of Pascal Ross-Marquette (DJ Metaphyzik) together he hopes to continue to bring hip hop culture and elements into communities to better educate the masses on the importance of the culture and its roots.

We invited internationally renowned dancer, RAOUL WILKE, from Toronto to run his amazingly high quality workshops before he went on tour. He has inspired us all, and set us up for an amazing year ahead.

These workshops were hosted by A-KREW and were held for kids ages 7-12 on Saturday 14 Sept 2019 @ our Studio 45 66 &
Sunday September 15th, 2019 @ Canada Games Aquatic Centre- and feature HOUSE, HIPHOP CHOREO & POPPING!

Raoul Wilke

Raoul Wilke’s extensive training in house, hip hop and vernacular jazz has led him to perform for years with professional companies; The moon runners, Gadfly Dance & Holla Jazz. He also continues to work on film, choreograph his own work and establish a name for himself internationally through battle competitions. Raoul Wilke continues to travel and study these dance forms to better understand their historical and contemporary context and he aims to share his love of dance by creating a safe space for others to move in.

Dance on!

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