Evolution of Akrew Urban Dance

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Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

The crew that I love and my smile reflects the joy and appreciation I feel today. A day to reflect is not near enough to grasp the incredible experiences had this past weekend. I can’t possibly express the depths of how I feel in a post but a note of gratitude is needed.

A-KREW has been quite the build, and without A LOT of help, none of what we are experiencing would be possible. First and foremost, I am a mother of 3 elementary school children and wearing all hats of my business – Without my family’s unconditional support to hold me up , I would be absolutely lost. Especially my mother Mary, who is always , always there when we need her.

We have the most amazing soul support in our friend Tiffany. She’s a steady stream of magic behind the scenes, helping us in every which way with her mega watt energy, expertise and unconditional support. You are simply a blessing.

We have 8 team captains who steered the team ships . taking care of all the details and helping to keep our dancers motivated .Alita, Stephanie, Anna, Heidi, Alexandra, Margot, Jennifer and Teener. You are absolute angels.

Teener and Jennifer have been foundational bricks as community captains. There, ready and willing to help at the drop of a dime. You help hold us up and we love you.

To help create our showcase vision, we are thankful for the infectious energy of Kyle Wills who never disappoints with his enthusiasm behind the mic. As well as the extended help of the Bayside Middle school tech crew, @Barkingmadphotos on photography and Steven Doiron (Videography). Thank you for being there 🙏.

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

We were thrilled to have the presence of @KVoasisyouth centre at our showcase. We are proud to support your initiative for our youth. Rhonda, Michael and Sam – thank you for your support. We were honoured to raise funds via our 50/50 for you – 461$ was raised and one lucky audience member went home with the same. Amazing!

It is mind blowing that we’ve grown to the point that we could invite internationally renowned dancer, Raoul Wilke in for a whole weekend to share with us. We are all so positively influenced and inspired by you. Thank you for believing in us, and helping to infuse the knowledge we so desperately crave. We look forward to our continued connection as our community grows. Your brilliant dance skills are off the charts but you also offer so much more and we are just so lucky.

To my dancers – thank you for all your hard work & dedication but above all thank you for embodying the spirit of AKREW.

“Dance has always been my happy place and Ive said from day 1 as I entered this initiative that if it ever turned into anything other than a happy place, Id be tapping out. You understand that we can work hard and push out of our comfort zones while still keeping our sense of humour on point and our hearts light. You know to engage in the practice of checking your ego at the door. YOU keep it happy, healthy and safe- therefore its a place where you and I all want to be. We’re human, we’re not perfect, and we have our days but we always come back to our true spirit. You’re, perspective and amazing open mindset is ,ultimately, the reason this community continues to grow and I’m thankful everyday for you.

Lastly, to our audience, thank you for your support. No I really mean it. We had a crazy full house, just short of 600 ppl and I was simply in awe of it when I walked out on the stage. In awe. Feeling your presence, being there for us, to witness our growth and absorb and reciprocate our energy , and cheer us on means the world to us. And you cooperated with our house rules ( no flash photography or moving while performances in progress) which, as their coach, was so appreciated as I want the best for my dancers. We thank you

A long one I know, but I am just so thankful and with all this inspiration I’m pumped for what’s to come.

Dance on!

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Evolution of Akrew Urban Dance