Code of conduct


– Please arrive 5-10min to prepare and be ready for your class to start
– Late Arrival – we have a 5 min cut off policy for all classes (unless otherwise agreed with instructor)
– Recreational classes: it is not recommended to miss numerous classes, we encourage you to keep a good attendance and only miss class if absolutely necessary.

Dress Code & Hygiene

– Please respect personal space
– Please observe personal hygiene and refrain from wearing strong perfumes/deodorants due to allergies
– Please wear breathable clothes that are easy to move in.
– SNEAKERS- ALL dancers must have clean, INDOOR ONLY dance sneakers with low tread that are ideal for hip hop (running sneakers should never be worn). Please – only flat sneakers (no platform heels, wedges) for hip hop. Heels, platform heels and wedges can be used for urban sass ONLY. If a dancer is found to have dirty sneakers, we reserve the right to ask them to sit out of the class.

Chatting in class

– Please be respectful
– Please reserve chatting for before/after class
– Anyone found to be repeatedly causing disturbance may be asked to sit out.

Cell Phones

– Are not permitted in class. Please ensure they are put on silent and kept in your bag prior to class. Checking phones during class is not permitted (unless there is a particular reason and teacher has agreed)

Photos / Filming in class

– Not permitted unless given permission

Food / Drink

– no food in the studio
– Only water is allowed in the studio
– No gum

Lost Property

– The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.